First Look at CUBE700: A product by optisoft

Optisoft Technology Company is a software development company. We develop software’s for hospitals, schools, government bodies, corporate bodies, business,
and churches for excellent management services. We developed Cube700.

Cube700 is a web and mobile App designed to meet all your stock management and accounting needs. You can Upload and manage your business with cube700App. It will soon be available in the App store!

How It Works:

Firstly, you have to register your store. Click on register store and fill the necessary things in the form provided, then click on register below the form to register your store. After registering, you will be redirected to your store page where you will have control.

After creating your store, you become the primary user (admin) of your store. You can now add other users whom you which to have access to your store. It might be your workers, or partner. Creating them and granting them access means they can now access your product stock and sales.

If you have other branches under your store, you can also add it by clicking on create branch. You can manage your branches from one store with this application.

Create your product categories by clicking on the Create Product Category. Creating your product category helps you classify your products when adding your products. It is very necessary.

You can add your product by clicking on Add Products. Please make sure that you fill all the fields available for good product documentation. Add every product to its category and indicate the unit of measurement.

Unit of measurement is the way your product is packaged for easy counting and documentation. It can be in cartons, dozens etc. You can add your measurement by clicking on Add Unit of Measurement

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